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Bookings are no longer required - simply turn up at the Ancient Mysteries welcome desk in the cinema foyer up to an hour before each session to collect your ticket.

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Program 17 - Ancient Mysteries Revealed: The Secret of The Sealed Scroll

A mysterious book, shut up and sealed in the time of the Persians, around 530 BC, was seen by John on the island of Patmos to be opened in the time of the end. What is this strange book that John saw and discover its significance to every person on planet Earth today. Postpone all engagements so as not to miss this eye-opening program.

One Session Available:

Program 18 - Horizons of Hope: Fear No Evil

Darkness, scorching heat, rivers and oceans turning to blood, and the Euphrates River dried up. What does it all mean? Understand the incredibly good news about the 7 last plagues and how to survive them.

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Note: there will be no session for Program 18 at the cinema - please attend a session at one of the above two venues

Program 19 - Demonic Dimensions: The Search for Truth

Have you ever wondered why there are so many Christian denominations - in fact over 30,000? And who is the great prostitute John saw riding a scarlet beast? Through an incredible journey through time you will understand the answer to these questions. A must not miss program!

One Session Available: