Ancient Mysteries Reveal the Future

Ancient Mysteries Reveal the Future

A Live Seminar Series that was held at
Event Cinemas Hornsby from
April 9 to May 14, 2016

Thinking people like yourself are deeply troubled by what is taking place globally on many fronts. They are wondering, "What does the future hold?"

ANCIENT MYSTERIES was a live seminar series held at Event Cinemas Hornsby in April/May 2016, presented by international speaker Gary Webster.  You can watch this series again online from this website, or by purchasing a DVD box set

Gary will take you on the journey of a lifetime. You will travel to lost civilisations to understand the significance of current global events, and learn what the future holds.

As predictions found in the Apocalypse (book of Revelation) are unlocked, you will also discover answers to life's most compelling questions:

You will see and hear irrefutable evidence that we are speeding towards the most momentous events in earth's history.  Thousands have attended these engaging presentations and found hope and meaning in life.


To view these programs again online, or download copies for later viewing, click here.  PDF downloads of the Handouts that attendees received are also available on the same page.

DVD Box Set or USB Flash Drive

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Cinema Preview

To download and view the cinema advertisement for this series - as shown at Event Cinemas Hornsby - click here
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